Powder Production - Milling / Spray Drying

We have the facilities to manufacture Beta Alumina and Spinel powder at up to 20 kg/h with Pan Granulation, Wet Milling and Spray Drying on a single site.


Pressing - Tubes / Liners

We have both Wet Bag Pressing facilities (8 per day) producing tubes up to 400 mm long and Automatic Dry Bag Pressing (500 per day).


We have two gas kilns. Our Fibre Kiln can fire to 1600°C and our Brick Kiln can fire to 1650°C. Both can handle 120 tubes per day.


Bonding / Sealing

We have three TCB furnaces for bonding metal and ceramic components together at high temperature and pressure.

Cell and Battery Design / Production


Our cell production facility includes Helium leak testing, TIG welding, Automated Laser welding in vacuum, Vacuum filling of NaAlCl4, Vacuum drying of positive electrode granules


TIG welding, Automated laser welding of cell terminals, Large oven desorption of insulation, Tilting tables for battery assembly


Testing Facilities

9 Battery Cyclers, 46 x 10 Cell Module Baths, Environmental Testing, Post Mortem, Accelerated Life Testing.

Battery Management Systems



Beta Research is highly experienced in the design and development of Battery Management Systems, having been responsible for the development of most of the current algorithms used in Sodium batteries today.


We have our own in-house software department that can develop bespoke applications for real-time battery monitoring and logging. Utilising RS232, RS485, CAN or TCP/IP, any communication technology can be catered for.

Cycler Design

Our embedded designs extend to cycler design using the latest surface mounted boards. Built-in temperature control and power algorithms give the user maximum flexibility, whilst both software and electronic isolation provide total safety.

System Integration

System Design & Integration

Multi-battery systems require special consideration, including sequencing, balancing and Open Circuit management. Every scenario is different and can benefit from our vast experience.

Technology Transfer

Beta Research Ltd has the knowledge and expertise to specify plant equipment for the production of powder, to the finished battery. In addition, we can provide all the algorithms for control electronics, post mortem and testing facilities and research into improved or bespoke battery designs.